Administration is the one who sets and renews the quality policy of the company. Through continuous reviews, administration members check the adequacy of the quality policy for the needs of the organization and are committed to its continuous improvement. The main goal, which has been set, is the complete satisfaction of the customer (at a level of 100%). In case of errors, the system also provides specific, immediate and effective corrective actions.

Another goal, to which Administration of our company places special emphasis, is the continuous training of the employees. It is promoted through the planning of training seminars of modern specialization.

In addition, the allocation of resources by the Administration for the fulfillment of all the rules of Safety and Hygiene, as well as for the improvement of the working environment, is part of the objectives of the quality policy. All members of the company should act having as the main goal and guide of their professional action the quality policy of the company. Administration has an important responsibility in the part that concerns the communication of its quality policy to all the members of the company and their absolute familiarity with the specific really important field of operation of the Company.

The company's vision is to strengthen its position in the local market of the city, as well as to gain a significant position in other cities, through participation in tenders. Customer satisfaction, through the predetermined requirements, is the main axis and criterion of action and operation of the company. However, in order for such a vision to be realised, some individual goals of the company must be achieved, such as:

  • The continuous improvement of the services provided.
  • The elimination of mistakes and problems, recorded in customer satisfaction forms.
  • The continuous training of human resources.
  • The renewal of the mechanical equipment, in accordance with the international standards and the technological progress.
  • The proper implementation and operation of the quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001.
  • The implementation of the applicable national and European legislation.

Administration is committed, through a process of internal audits and reviews, to continuously improve its services and activities. Finally, every employee must be informed about the quality policy of the company and know what to apply in the field in which it works. Any action that interferes or deviates from both the objectives and the quality policy of the company is interrupted and the appropriate corrective and preventive actions are implemented.

Sending questionnaires to customers

The fundamental axis of operation and action of EUROKATARISTIKI, but also the structural, inviolable principle of the company's quality policy is the absolute satisfaction of the customer, who trusts us, for the most minor or the most demanding project.

In the context of this guiding professional principle, we carry out - on a monthly basis - an internal audit, which touches on the field of quality policy, so that it follows constantly high standards and is immediately updated.

This audit is carried out in the safest way, which is none other than the expression of the opinion of our clientele, regarding our services. Our customers, therefore, every month, receive a - comprehensive and targeted, in terms of the basic criteria of our quality policy, - questionnaire, through which they pass to the process of immediate rating of our services.

By processing the scoring results, we draw valuable conclusions, which guide us in the direction of modification, changes, improvements and updates in the quality policy, which our company implements, with the aim of the absolute satisfaction of each customer.


2022: Customer satisfaction exceeded 96,8%!

Through the process of monthly internal audit, through the questionnaires to our customers, in 2022, a rewarding result of our efforts and principles, which we have set and serve in the field of quality policy, emerged.

In particular, the processing of the results of our customers' answers to the questions of the questionnaires, throughout 2022, showed the level of satisfaction to levels above 96,8%!

This is clearly an achievement in the field of our business activity, which fills us with satisfaction, demonstrates the level of our services and burdens us with the maximum responsibility for a corresponding continuity in our professional activity, but also for continuous improvement, for the benefit of all those who honor us with their choice.