It was in the mid-1980s, when Konstantinos Vlachos realized that Thessaloniki market was looking for companies that would provide reliable cleaning services in residences and business premises. He decided to create EUROKATHARISTIKI, one of the first - chronological - cleaning crews based in Thessaloniki. Since 2000, the reins of the company passed to the two sons of Konstantinos Vlachos, Dimitris and Vassilis, who evolved EUROKATHARISTIKI from a cleaning crew, to a company providing integrated services (Facility Services).

Our goal

The goal of the new effort, from the beginning, has been and continues to be the expansive, modern and innovative business action, in order to meet the needs that exist in all professional premises and sectors, at a level of supporting services for the management of facilities.

Always guided by the absolute customer service and the execution of our work, with the most modern and efficient methods of action and performing the missions that will be assigned to us.

EUROKATHARISTIKI has developed a system for the provision of services in the following fields: Cleaning Services, Sanitary Applications, Greening Works, Loading and Unloading. At the same time, with the partners it has, it has the ability to undertake a number of other services.

In the decades of its presence, EUROKATHARISTIKI has established itself as one of the leading services providing companies in Northern Greece, having collaborated with leading Public Organizations and Companies of all sectors.