EUROKATHARISTIKI is constantly striving to improve the level of its activities, in such a way as to contribute to sustainable development. The Environmental Management System, which it implements, was designed according to its needs, aspirations and priorities.

  • Recognizes and fully complies with the Environmental Legislation, which governs every activity, which is performed by it.
  • Recognizes and evaluates the Environmental Aspects of its activities.
  • Constantly improves its environmental performance and takes care of the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Sets clear, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound Goals and Objectives, reviews them annually and takes all necessary actions to achieve them.
  • Educates and sensitizes all the employees of the company in matters of Environmental Management and Environmental Protection.
  • Provides the necessary resources for the implementation of the Environmental Management System and for the achievement of the Environmental Goals and Objectives./li>
  • Constantly implements and improves its Environmental Management System.
  • Communicate data and information on its environmental performance to the relevant bodies and its partners.

Ensuring continuous improvement

The company's commitment to the above environmental policy will be demonstrated by reviewing the environmental goals, objectives and programs, in each review by Administration, as well as the corrective actions that will be taken to ensure the continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.
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The Environmental Policy is communicated within the Company to all staff and is available to the parties interested.