EUROKATHARISTIKI provides landscaping and maintenance services for green spaces, with the aim of protecting the plants.

Depending on the specifics of each green space, the competent department of our company, headed by graduate Agronomists, prepares a complete archive, which contains the annual program of greening maintenance work, aimed at the longevity of the plants, as well as maintaining their ornamental value.

Some of the services provided by our company:

  • Green spaces configuration.
  • Green space maintenance:
    • Pruning according to the season and the needs of each plant.
    • Complete lawn care.
    • Regular weeding of weeds.
    • Total or partial fertilization of plants.
    • Preventive or therapeutic application of pesticides, by spraying or other methods.
    • Renewal of all seasonal plants.
    • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • Maintenance of indoor plants.
  • Cleaning of garden and deforestation.
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