EUROKATHARISTIKI's priority has always been and continues to be the safeguarding of our company's moral status and the protection of the reputation of all those who represent the specific business entity. 

The company, within the framework of this project, received certification with the international standard ISO 37001:2017, which concerns the fight against bribery in the business area. 

The anti-bribery policy aims to: 

- the compliance with the current legal and regulatory framework for the fight against bribery N 4557/Government Gazette 139A/2018 

-the encouragement of the confidential reporting of any incident or suspicion of bribery - to protect the company's reputation. 

The purpose of this Policy is to: 

Strengthen the Administration's commitment to zero tolerance for bribery by creating a framework of obligations and guidelines to be used as a tool to prevent, deter and combat bribery. 


In particular, the Policy aims to: 


  • the compliance with the current legal and regulatory framework for the fight against bribery Law 4557/Government Gazette 139A/2018 in understanding the definition of bribery 
  • the encouragement of the confidential reporting of any incident or suspicion of bribery through specific procedures and other company policies 
  • the vigilance of employees and partners to recognize actions related to bribery and to protect the company's reputation 


Bribery  is:  

Any payment or offer to pay anything of value to any government official or other person in the private or commercial sector with the intent to induce the recipient to abuse his position and gain an unfair business advantage. 




  • monetary gifts – cash and gift cards 
  • hospitality, meals, goods and services 
  • travel, accommodation, use of cottages, event tickets promise of additional business 
  • a demand by a public official to be paid in order to perform an act 
  • special favors for educational opportunities or opportunities for future employment 
  • donations to designated charities 
  • personal services, loans and loan co-signers 






All persons and businesses that this policy concerns must know, understand and comply with the content of this Policy. 

It is posted on the company's website for all interested parties to be aware of. You will also notify employees when hiring and partners – suppliers and subcontractors when starting cooperation. 


If you are in doubt about how to respond to a situation or whether certain behavior may be inappropriate or contrary to the Policy, you should seek guidance and advice from the Anti-Bribery Compliance team or the legal partners of the company. You can submit your questions to the e-mail address [email protected] 

Any non-compliance with anti-bribery policy or legislation should be reported anonymously or anonymously to the anti-bribery compliance department. The company encourages the submission of named reports with responsibility, good faith and professional conscience. 

The report can be submitted: 

By mail, to the attention of the Anti-Bribery Compliance Officer, at the address: Karaoli & Dimitriou 23A, Evosmos, P.O. 56224 

By e-mail at [email protected] 

Phone +30 2310 517 176 requesting a member of the anti-bribery compliance team. 

The company undertakes that all reports received in the above ways will be evaluated in terms of the accuracy and importance of the information they contain, in order to weigh whether there are significant reasons that require action to conduct an investigation. Reports and evidence are maintained by the anti-bribery compliance team. 

The company is committed to protecting the anonymity of the people who submit such reports and the confidentiality of the information they include. 


Any partner and employee of the company who violates this policy may be subject to disciplinary measures which entail penalties. Disciplinary sanctions are decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature and seriousness of the behavior and violation found, and are subject to the provisions of applicable law. 


The company will not retaliate against anyone who reports incidents of bribery (suspicious behavior) or violation of the Anti-Bribery Policy. The company prohibits any kind of negative behavior against an employee who has made a report, even if the report turns out to be incorrect. In particular, he will not demote or fire any employee because of his report. It also will not tolerate any retaliation or adverse treatment of an employee or associate as a result of refusing to engage in bribery 

The anti-bribery policy is approved by the company representative, reviewed annually and revised when necessary. The anti-bribery compliance team is responsible for preparing the reviews. The company arranges for the conduct of trainings in order to understand the content and raise the awareness of employees about bribery issues. 

Information Security Policy 

The protection of the informational assets of the company EUROKATHARISTIKI IKE is a necessary condition for the provision of cleaning services and sanitary applications (disinfestation, mycicide, disinfection) and loading and unloading in professional and public areas both in the public and in the private sector at a high level. 

For this purpose, the Company has developed and implements an Information Security Management System based on the requirements of the ISO 27001:2013 standard. 

Our company has established a specific information security policy through which it is committed to: 

  • The security of information in relation to all its activities, processes, services and products, confirmed and verified throughout the range of its activities 
  • ensure the availability of the information required for the smooth operation of the company 
  • The compliance of its products and services with the applicable legislative provisions. 
  • Train employees on information security issues 
  • The continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Information Security Management System 
  • Ensure the confidentiality of information 
  • Maintain the integrity of information 
  • Protecting information from unauthorized access 

As part of the implementation of the system, it plans their implementation through: 

  • Defining our goals and systematically monitoring their implementation. 
  • The provision of all the necessary resources and means to ensure the smooth, efficient and effective operation of the company 
  • The excellent organization, training and development of our staff and the encouragement for continuous improvement 
  • Monitoring critical parameters of our processes to ensure information security at all levels of its operation. 
  • Fulfilling all relevant statutory and customer requirements so that all activities/services/products are aligned with information security requirements 

Compliance with the Information Security Policy and therefore the protection of information security throughout the company's activities is mandatory for all employees of the company The Information Security Policy is periodically reviewed, modified whenever deemed necessary and communicated to interested parties.