EUROKATHARISTIKI IKE has incorporated the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility according to the ISO 26000: 2010 standard into its business activities and the way it operates, recognizing that these principles are a necessary condition for its long-term development. Care for the health and safety of employees, respect and protection of the environment, comprehensive coverage of customer needs and the practical multi-level offer in its social activity, are axes of implementation for EUROKATHARISTIKI's corporate social responsibility. 

The Policy is in accordance with the Company's values, responsibility, integrity, transparency, efficiency and innovation. The Policy is determined by the administration, which is committed to: 

  • the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy at all levels and sectors of the Company's activity
  • the strict observance of the existing legislation and the full implementation of the standards, policies, internal instructions and relevant procedures applied by the Company, as well as other requirements arising from voluntary agreements, which the company subscribes to and accepts.
  • The open, two-way communication with stakeholders in order to identify and record their needs and expectations. 
  • the provision of  a healthy and safe working environment for its human resources, partners and every visitor.
  • the protection of human rights and the provision of  a working environment of equal opportunities, without any discrimination.
  • the continuous effort to reduce the environmental footprint, through the implementation of responsible actions and prevention measures according to the Best Available Techniques.
  • the cooperation and support of the local community, in order for the Company to contribute to the sustainable development of the local areas where it operates.

In order to fulfill the above commitments, EUROKATHARISTIKI IKE on a voluntary basis plans and implements relevant programs, while at the same time it sets strategic priorities which focus on the following axes: 

  1. Corporate Governance

The Company aims to achieve positive financial results, implements a good corporate governance system, evaluates and manages business risks in order to safeguard the interests of shareholders. Develops procedures and takes measures both to enhance transparency and to prevent and fight corruption. 

  1. Provision of Services

The Company aims at optimal and comprehensive customer satisfaction and invests in research and development, with the aim of providing new products and solutions of high quality and added value, thus simultaneously improving its position in the constantly evolving business environment. Additionally, the Company expects responsible business behavior from its suppliers and partners. 

  1. Human Resources - Health and Safety at Work

The Company respects and supports internationally recognized human rights and implements policies of fair remuneration, meritocracy and equal opportunities for all its human resources, without any discrimination and with respect for diversity. At the same time, it offers opportunities for development through continuous training and systematic evaluation of its human resources. Care for the provision of a healthy and safe working environment is of high importance for the Company. 

  1. Environment

In the field of environmental management, the Company applies the principle of prevention and carries out systematic actions in order to minimize its environmental footprint. 

  1. Local Society

The Company is on the side of the local community and responds sensitively to issues that concern it, having developed a close relationship based on dialogue and cooperation. The company plans and implements actions that meet the basic needs of society, in matters of work, development, education, health, environment, and culture. It encourages volunteering and supports initiatives for the sustainable development of the local community. 

For all the above main issues concerning EUROCLEANING IKE, we set individual targets for corporate social responsibility, which we evaluate on an annual basis in terms of their effectiveness and revise them when deemed necessary. 

Policy, performance results as well as program implementation and achievement of objectives are reviewed annually in the annual review of the system.