Balconies Configuration

We turn your balcony into a small paradise, which will have nothing to envy from a luxurious garden!

Get rid of stereotypes, which insist that balconies only fit closets, chairs, tables and pots and, most importantly, do not believe that nothing fits in your own small balcony.

You will be surprised by the landscaping and beautification possibilities of your small or large terrace.

Trust our specialized crew and the result will amaze you.

Turn the balcony into an extension of your home and your favorite place, especially during the summer months.

Eurokatharistiki: The modern version of facility services


Quality Management System. It implements a Quality Management System, according to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 45001:2018 standards. It has specialized staff that can meet even your most complex needs.


24-hour Service. A representative of our company, is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in order to respond immediately to any emergency that may arise.


Scientific Associates and Specialization Special emphasis is given to the field of safety and hygiene of employees, with the company having a Safety Technician and an Occupational Physician. As part of the improvement of the provided services, the staff participates in training programs on issues of quality, hygiene and safety.


Advanced Media.The equipment of the company is complete and includes all the machines, which are considered necessary for the execution of any kind of work.
Before the commencement of the works, each employee is provided with a special uniform of the company, as well as a form, which details the works agreed with the customer. All materials have the required license from the General Chemical State Laboratory and the Ministry of Commerce. The license is handed over to the customer, prior to the commencement of our cooperation.