Repulsions of Birds - Snakes

The excrements of birds, as well as the materials of their nest, are associated with more than thirty (30) diseases, while birds are hosts of other ectoparasites (mites, bedbugs, fleas, etc.) and are a serious source of danger to our health.

At the same time, the excrements - due to the acids they contain - cause irreparable damage to the buildings, while altering the aesthetics of the facilities and the outdoor areas.

The repulsion of birds is made with safe and approved methods. Our methodology is not about exterminating them, but about preventing them from settling in your premises.

Our goal is not to exterminate snakes, but to repel them from yards and areas with frequent human presence. This is because snakes are the most important enemy of rodents, thus constituting a stage of natural balance. Their extermination creates advantages for rodents, overturning the system and creating more serious problems to humans.

With the correct application of the appropriate repellent preparation around the perimeter of the premises, which we want to protect, we create safety zones, thus preventing the entry of snakes.

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